15, Jan 2022

Jiangxi High: The masses are "cooking" on demand "à la carte" cadres

The granary in the 赣, high. Since the development of party history, since Shanggao County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, "I have practical activities", I do practical things for the masses ", as party members and cadres practice the carrier, high standards and high quality of the initial mission, and promote the implementation of various real things. Action, true initiatives continue to enhance the people ‘s sense, happiness, and safe sense.

The masses "à la carte" Liu Jinhui, villagers in Tangxi Village, said that the feelings were grateful to the words. Liu Jinhui took care of his children in his early years and a few acres of Wild Field at home. This year, the child has taken the workers, he will born to the idea of ??industrial garden, but it is difficult to find the work of the heart.

He reflected the problem to the Qixi Town Labor Insurance Office, and the labor insurance cadres screened the enterprise recruitment information in the jurisdiction, and took them one by one, and finally he successfully established from Jiangxi Xinwei Power Co., Ltd., started the fact that the migrant plant is incorrect. "Two tolerance" farmers. "My body is much better, and the low policy of handling, I reimbursed a lot of expenses, the country’s policy is really good!" Huang Tang Zhen Haozang Village Lu Zhongyou said excitedly.

In the past, Lu Zhongyou husband and wife mainly traded farm and hopping, life is still happy.

However, at the end of February this year, Lu Zhongyou suddenly burst into blood, the treatment made the savings of the two children, and Lu Zhongyou also lost some labor, facing the poor, poor. After visiting the situation, the village cadres immediately held a meeting of the Village and two counters, helping him apply for a low insurance and reimburse medical expenses through civil affairs assistance to a large extent. "What are the people’s expectations, what we do.

"In the real thing, Shanggao County took the people and visited the public opinion as the first procedure of" I do practical things for the masses ", and actively carry out" 100 specialists entering the enterprise, thousands of cadres under the grassroots, 10,000 party members "Activity, by the masses" à la carte ", cuisine", send "tailor-made" package, normalization, rolling to solve the urgent problem of the masses, let the people nod satisfaction.

Through leading cadres, the county party members participated, faced with the proposal of the masses, as of now, Shanggao County has combed 2803 people’s practical things. On this basis, the "1 + 7" is introduced for the private 上海妹子怎么样 practical program, and the regular schedule supervision mechanism is implemented, and the work foundation is consolidated. In fact, do a good job "to get around the road to the car, sometimes the picture is convenient for temporary parking, was fined several times, now you don’t have to worry!" Yuyang Street traffic traffic road shop Lord Xiaobin talked about new parking lot Brought changes. There are county Chinese medicine hospitals and many residential communities around the traffic road, and the personnel are dense, and the traffic is large. Due to the narrow road, only one-sided parking space is divided, and the parking needs of nearby residents cannot be met.

To this end, the county has abolished the pond before the integration of the construction bank employee dormitory, and it has built 4,500 square 上海龙凤桑拿网 meters, which can accommodate 113 parking lots, so that nearby residents have enjoyed the convenience of "home parking".

At present, there are 14 parking lots in the county, increasing more than 900 parking spaces, 1754 mobile parking spaces, effectively alleviating the problem of "parking in the city". "Our community has been in the road of potholes in the road. When you go to the rain, you will have a lot of water. After the asphalt is placed, it has become more clean!" Residents in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of the Industry and Commercial Bureau Liao Yingfu said. The community is the "senior" residential community in the 1990s. After the transformation, it is now entered the community and only see a clean and tidy asphalt road, and the unique parking space, the 上海私人会所 residents in the small square are leisure, and the happiness of the residents The index continues to improve.

The river Middle Road community has been admitted to the residential road, supporting facilities and other aspects, and adding seepage seats in the community. The sign font is increasing, and a new "Home Pension Center" will be built. This year, Shanggao County invests more than 8,000 million yuan to fully transform 15 old communities, involving more than 2,800 households. In the real thing, Shanggao County implements the "three orders and three-time visit" working mechanism, establishing everyday people’s livelihood, key people’s livelihood projects, three listings, clear responsible people and completion time, immediately active, creating conditions Office, improve the mechanism, timely visit to visit, ask the masses to comment, to ensure that the people reflected in the masses have fallen, and there is an echo. " For example, combined with the creation of a civilized city in the province, a large number of illegal buildings; vigorously promote the construction of Puhetic kindergarten, add more than 6,000 degree of degree. Up to now, people’s livelihood has been completed 2096; the county-level key people’s livelihood project has completed nine; the township key people’s livelihood project has completed 57 items. Heart, improve the service, "Trouble you, give me a meal every day, otherwise I will want to eat the old bones to eat hot meal is not so easy …" Lying in bed, the old man in the hands of meals, direction The old party members who came to feed the franchise channel thank you. The residents of Jingyi Village in Tianxin Town, Qi Gaoxian, were 91 years old this year, because the body is weak and resting in bed.

Children are in the foreign workers all yearners, and a son stayed around but busy farming, it is inevitable to take care of it.

Later, the village opened "Happy Canteen", specializing in the 70-year-old man with a day three meals, she could not move to the cafeterian to eat. Tongcun 50th old party, the old party, Li Fufu, took the initiative to take the dining task, day after day, by point to her three meals for her every day, from no interruption. In addition to the smelling show and Li, there is still a few "delivery" help in the village.

Jingyu Village took the "concentrated pension" mode, starting a happy cafeteria, meeting the healthy and food demand for the elderly; at the same time, in combination with the construction of the new era civilization practice station, provide leisure and entertainment venues for the elderly, further enrich the spiritual cultural life of rural elderly. This is just a high-end implementation of "Party Building + Pension" service, supplementing a small minority of rural pension. At present, there have been 128 "Party Building + Silic Center", and all 4,000 elderly people. The happiness township of rural old people is slowly launched, and the "home door" is really realized. " . In terms of enhancing the service, Shanggao County adheres to the practice activities of "I do practical" and promotes the opening and innovation, industrial upgrading, people’s livelihood protection, party construction, etc., launch a series of convenient benefits Continue to optimize the development environment. For example, promote "Internet + Government Service", build "online intermediary supermarket", 277 enterprises, 25 intermediary service agencies; 180 items in the "服", 10,000 items, 97 Enterprise policy to realize the handheld can be checked; deepen the "one-window acceptance" reform, access 852 "window" comprehensive service platform service matters; simplify procedures, reconstruction processes, and publish 4 batchs of 534 items "only" "One time does not run", 3 batches of 207 items. Concentrates to get practical things, true feelings are people ‘s problems.

Shanggao County Party Committee Secretary Jin Yu said, the next step, the high will continue to promote "I do practical things for the masses" and practice, practice the initial mission, the thick planting is the people’s feelings, and the demand for the masses is oriented, and the innovation do personally The carrier is constantly improving the level of service masses.

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