16, Jan 2022

Jincheng found the Longshan Cultural Site of Neolithic Age

  This newspaper (Reporter Zheng Wei) 上海嘉定区全身油压店 On November 7 The human activity site in the Times Longshan Culture is found.

  It is reported that the site is located in the southwest of Zezhou County, Zezhou County, and the west bank of the River, the river of the River, and the distribution area exceeds 100,000 square meters. During the third cultural relics in the country, the site was initially judged in accordance with the part of the pottery, which was a Longshan period site, named Sui-machi, but known to the site of the site, cultural connotation.

  In line with the provincial key engineering Jinyang high-speed change expansion project, June this year, the provincial and archaeological research institute took the lead, the city and county cultural relics department, the construction project involved in the Zezhou Uneachi Site area to rescue archaeological excavation. The excavation area of ??this Ukachi is 2,000 square meters, Different Eastern, Western District, and each zone combines the land acquisition plot, 10 meters × 10 m explore 10.

  Director of the Institute of Jin Wenhua, the Provincial Archeology Institute, and Vice Researchers, Vice Researchers, told reporters that in the early stage, the cultural relics have conducted archaeological exploration along the expansion of the expansion along lines, and 92 gray pits were found on both sides of the Town Village High-speed Road.

"After more than 4 months, efforts, currently, archaeological work enters the final stage.

A total of 150 gray pits were cleaned up, 2 Tao kiln, 8 vertical crested, 1 bowling, 1 room, and the times cover Yang Yun, Temple Second, Longshan, Mr., East Week and other periods Among them, the remains of the remains of the remains in the Longshan period, basically clear the cultural connotation of the site. "The type of relics that are unearthed, there are pottery, stone, bones, etc., which are mainly taro, pots, cans, 瓮, bowls,, beans, 鬲, 甗, 斝, Ding, scorpion bottle, spinning Rottery, grain, rope, string, line, mesh, additional stack, vegetarian surface, etc.

Stone robot has stone shovel, stone knife, etc.

There are also a small amount of bone needles, etc. The beast is mainly deer, pig, dog, sheep, etc.

Among them, the complete pottery specimens of the recovered, there are more than 130 small pieces of small items, and the total pottery specimen is close to 1000 pieces.

  Wu Junhua said that 上海虹口全套 the focus of Shanxi Archaeological has been in the Jinan area for a long time.

The Southern Southern China, especially the archaeological work in Jincheng region.

The rescue protection of underground cultural relics involved in the region was the first time in the history of Jincheng City, the first time in the first-Qinshen ruins, exposed an ancient human gathering site in 4,000 years, providing research on the prehistoric civilization process in Jincheng region. The objective and detailed physical basis has successfully built the full sequence of the prehistoric culture of the region, filled the blank of archaeological work in Longshan period in Jincheng.

(Editor: Wen Wen, Ma Yunmei).