17, Jan 2022

Jingcheng is always going to see the green Suifen River intensive and dressed up

According to the Ninth Plenary Session of the 10th National Committee of the Suifenhe Municipal Committee, Suifen River should take a temperature-based city.Focus on enhance the humanistic connotation of the city and highlight the "100-year port" heritage.Enrich to improve the "Love Valley" theme park.

Since the launch of the party history, the Suifenhe City has derived the "I am doing practical things for the people" activities, transforming the effectiveness of party history education into a strong power of the people, so that the people’s sense, happiness, sense of securityFurther enhancement.At present, the relevant departments of the city are grabbing the construction of the city, stepped up the promotion of various urban construction projects, continuously improve the urban function, and build the humanistic landscape of "City in Linzhong, people in the garden", and promote the Total Valley Theme Park ProjectStrats, a green "park city" painting is slowly launched.The intensive detailed descendant is the border of June.Located in Tianji Mountain and the Garden of Jiuling, the park lake is clear, and the picturesque are picturesque.

Automatic rotation diamond ring sculptures, 789 "long-term perspective of love trail" 16 heart-shaped styling create one hundred meters in first- ……. Recently, five Suifenhe Love Valley theme park landscape nodes and road reconstruction was completed, with a new look beautiful, "Yan value" to meet the public and tourists come.

Eyeful amazing views, plus a new landscape Creative design, once again let the "Valley of Love" became the tour people feel romantic love punch to taste, add another hundred years for the beautiful and romantic port. Here longitude 131 degrees, 44 degrees north latitude, elevation 520 meters, together is the "whole life I love you", which is the origin of the name of the park. Love Valley theme park since construction began in August 2020, October 1 officially opened welcome, park side open, build, manage, upgrade side, after months of this year and complete the construction of five loops Love Valley Park landscape and road reconstruction project being completed.

New landscape Let Love Valley "color value" more and more beautiful. Suifenhe summer flowers, breezy.

It was the golden period of the current project, the reporters in the Yellow River Road, Xinhua Street, see the nearby mountain communities, workers are stepping up construction, laying sidewalks, speed up the transformation of urban roads.

Suifenhe City building housing the Bureau Director Wang Lijun, said the Conference this year, the project construction management and travel around the city, specifically the "King City One" positioning.

Let the people go see the green, highlighting the "exotic scenery, European style" border style, polish "Rise of the port" "red channel" and "romantic Border Town" three cards.

In order to improve public travel environment, is currently five street pavement reconstruction Xinhua Street, the Yellow River Road, under construction, transformation of an area of ??about square meters.

Next, will be along the street, the street Ussuri, the Yangtze River Road sidewalk transformation, the transformation of an area of ??about square meters.

Continually improving the road network structure, beautify the living environment, improve the urban functions, and strive to the public to create a more clean and unobstructed road environment, the fight Suifenhe has a temperature, texture of the city, residents of this small town full of happiness and get a sense of.

For the creation of "National Garden City", will be built 10 parks, landscaping renovation repair parks, squares 10. Currently, the infrastructure surrounding ancillary Love Valley theme park has taken shape, small Suifenhe river clean basically completed, the dam under construction. Expected new green area of ??400,000 square meters.

Now green urban areas has reached%.

In street interviews, the public Liu Xiaoqi said that in recent years, he felt a lot of changes in Suifenhe city, more modern, more beautiful, the city’s new green space and a small park, so that people travel when the mood is particularly good.

There are some new soccer field, square and other entertainment facilities, fitness and recreation for everyone to provide a lot of convenience.

Public Zhengfei Fei said that before the sidewalk, some of the floor tiles broken, and uncomfortable to walk on, many sections have started to repair this year, and this is for the people to do practical things! Welcome to charm livable in Love Valley theme park, Tianchang sparkling lake, love ri swaying vegetation, its winding roads, many tourists walking here, rest. Today, more and more people and tourists strolling, elevation love flowers, so that visitors linger, leaving deep "Suifenhe memory."

Suiyang Outdoor Club Cheng Jun said, I heard there Suifenhe Love Valley is very good, he led 38 people to this, a look is really well-deserved reputation, especially in this beautiful heart-shaped bridge, beautiful.

Also, in party history education base re-take the red road, feeling particularly excited, praise for Suifenhe point! Suifenhe border town of outdoor club Kwan has said that the construction of Suifenhe Love Valley theme park, the city has attracted many foreign Suifenhe outdoor sports team to come visit and tour.

Here’s a big change compared with the past, present Suifenhe place to play more.

We introduce with peers to promote Suifenhe also feel very proud. People’s livelihood and the temperature in the city to enhance the quality of roads, Suifenhe is at full speed, temperature and strive to build cities, to bring more people to look forward to. Ice Palace Suifenhe Municipal Committee, said that since the beginning of the municipal government closely celebrate the 100 anniversary of its founding, the national civilized city re-examination, the province’s fourth trip to the Conference an opportunity, highlighting people’s livelihood, livelihood development of the main line, identified by city style, livelihood security and so on, "the 10 chapter 100 facts." 上海夜生活品茶网 Among them, the livelihood of urban style articles are combined with the existing status quo and, combined with hope and hot masses determined. Can be said that each one is ask for the people, it is what the people, the people of the hope of. According to the plan the deployment, this year Suifenhe City will strengthen ecological environment, natural oxygen bar to create a Chinese city, National Forest City, the sky bluer, the water clearer, more clean soil.

New batch of green parks, to create "three-point area, a vertical and three horizontal" green landscape, make the landscape green outline skyline. To promote intelligent lighting project, on both sides of the main road repair damaged buildings unified, overall shape, lighting "line, five-way, two-centric", the city is lit the night sky, 松江大学城男生300一次 warm lighted.

On urban construction and management, defined the "King City one" overall positioning around "near the city landscape, city landscape," "green features, scale greening" of "green growth, keep net," the open space within the city limits, fallow, and all vacated clean, green city dress, poetic home.

Around the "exotic scenery, European style" feature, by taking "hardening, green, lighting, landscaping, optimization" and other five measures to make the living environment more beautiful, higher happiness index, so that became Suifenhe Russian border line dazzling pearl. Banmei city parkland, Night enhance fascinated visitors, strongly promoting smooth traffic engineering, and constantly improve the urban functions, a beautiful and 上海民工最喜欢的小巷子 charming city of Suifenhe big picture is to expand the ground floor, harmonious and warm new home port being a century into reality. (Reporter Duhuai Yu Wen / photo) (Editor: Wang Yan, Zhao Yi).