19, Jan 2022

Jinrui futures join hands in Jiangxi Yongxin to carry out "insurance + futures" project to promote rural resolution

The Securities Network News (Reporter Zhou Wei) Jinrui futures and Jiangxi Yongxin Agricultural Industry Development Center have officially signed a knot for helping cooperation agreement, will help work in futures professional help, industrial support, talent help and other aspects.

The project leader introduces that the futures professional help has implemented implementation, and the "insurance + futures" project of the boar’s "insurance + futures" project is officially admitted to date, and the project is jointly funded by Jinrui futures and local insured enterprises for a month.

The person in charge mentioned that the risks of the cost-end feed price increased during the growth of pig breeding, and the breeding profit directly depends on the management level of these two market risks.

From this year, the price trend of pigs this year, the current pig price is still in the secondary bottom stage, and the farming profit has shrunk. Jin Rui futures said, through in-depth investigation, carry out a number of pig "insurance + futures" projects, continuously playing the flexibility of the external rights, not only brings better price payments to pilot regions, but also reflects Jinrui futures Experience in the experience of experience in the experience of rich field, give full play to the innate advantages of financial institutions, resources, and information. It is understood that Jin Rui futures launched the "insurance + futures" precision poverty project from 2017, expanded year by year, and brought significant results in agricultural 上海水磨会所工作室 development, farmers’ income and disaster prevention and loss. Since 2019, Jinrui futures have launched a pilot "insurance + futures" project in the country to help farmhold users to avoid the risk of feed prices, but have not lacked a means of effective management of pig price risks.

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