24, Apr 2022
Xinjiang Quality Strong Zone Work Leading Group 2021 Second Meeting

Xinjiang Quality Strong Zone Work Leading Group 2021 Second Meeting

Original title: Promote quality work, the new level 9, Xinjiang Quality Strong District Work Leading Group held the second meeting of the 2021th meeting, in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important discussion of quality work, implement the Party Central Committee, State Council decision-making deployment, Implement the party committee and government work arrangements in the Autonomous Region, study the list of the first election enterprises of the 5th Autonomous Region People’s Government Quality Award, arrange the deployment of current and one stage of quality strong area in the future.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, president of the autonomous region, presided over the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that we must improve the political station, further enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and fully understand The importance of work, practical, unifying the idea and action to the party central decision-making deployment of Comrade Xi Jinping, unified to the specific requirements of the party committee of the autonomous region, in-depth quality improvement action, solidly promote the construction of quality and strong zone, improve the improvement in practice Quality, quality improvement, quality improvement to meet the demand structure upgrade, to promote high quality development with quality advancement.

The meeting emphasized that the construction of quality strong zone must adhere to the quality of the quality, and give full play to the active role of quality work in economic development, social governance, and people’s livelihood guarantee, and promote quality work. It is necessary to improve the quality of supply, continuously improve product quality, engineering quality, service quality, improve environmental quality; to strengthen standard leadership, in-depth implementation of the National Standardization Development Outline, and carry out the implementation of relevant responsible division of labor; Elementary, standard, certification and recognition, inspection and testing, quality management, etc. Strengthen brand publicity promotion, building regional public brands; to play the role of corporate quality, guide and supervise enterprises to implement subject responsibility, firmly establish "quality first" concept, promote industries to advance high-end levels; to strengthen quality culture construction, publicity Excellent quality management typical, exposed major quality illegal act, create a good market environment, cultivate more quality talents. The meeting requests, to compact work responsibilities, and form the effectiveness of promoting quality strong zone construction.

To strengthen organizational leadership, implement the target tasks of quality and strong zone strategy and quality improvement work, and effectively implement their duties; to strengthen capacity building, timely master quality development latest developments, and do "inner and practices", Strengthen system innovation and mode innovation, promote quality management team innovation capacity building; to do a good job in supervision and assessment, use the foot assessment results, and promote the strategy of quality zone. (Zhang Yunmei) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.