27, Apr 2022
Zhong’an Online Huangshan Channel Huizhu Disgraces Drinking

Zhong’an Online Huangshan Channel Huizhu Disgraces Drinking

  In the cold winter season, the Huizhou Economic Development Zone Sunshine Highlights. Huangshan Huiyuan Company’s display is playing the general manager Wang Yang to accept the lens of the host Li Sisi in July. Wang Yang smiled, he had already unveiled CCTV three times this year. In recent years, the city has passed the promotion meeting, the participation, declaration of honor, association, skills training, online publicity, etc. Last year, the food and beverage income was 8.1 billion yuan, and the ingredient sales income was 8.7 billion yuan. From September 11th to 13th, Huizhou dishes were unveiled in Shanghai, "Jiangnan Eat Festival", introduced the guests and media in the guests and media.

The city catering and cooking association organized 12 member companies such as Huangshan Huiyuan, Huiyuan, China Huizhu Food Museum, and Jiyun Villas to participate, fully display emblem restaurant and ingredients.

Mr. Li, who had worked in Tunxi, sent my statement, turning into Tunxi for nearly 40 years, today, he specially came to taste the emblem, memories full! From November 24th to 27th, last year, the association group entered Beijing, jointly organized the 316th China Kitchen Skills, on-site teaching, promotional emblem. The head of more than 80 catering enterprises in the local emblem, Yipin cloth, Jiang Junfu, Beijing International Hotel, etc. Cooperation intention to reach the purchase of an online dishes in the city. On April 8th, the association held an exchange of food enterprises in Anhui Province in Tunxi. The province’s catering and cooking industry is exchanged interaction with the interaction of the famous cooking industry.

Zhang Gendong, relevant person in charge of the City Catering Culinary Industry Association, recommended Hui Hui and ingredients, Huangshan Huifuyuan Food Company, Rongfutang Food Co., Ltd. Fully show.

Everyone flies to the booth and subscribes to a hundred million yuan. On June 3, the association organized a member unit to participate in the provincial Golden Shipper Kitchen Media Competition. Zhang Gendong as a speech as a vice president of the emblem, the vice president of the Provincial Cuisine Association, and Ya Daqing, the head of Huangshan Huiyuan Food Company, asked the vice president of the Provincial Culinary Association to interview with the host, and the Yunyun Mountain Villa, and the Top Top Top Top Top 10 Anhui Province Unit, show 18 classic emblems.

  A sound is sold, and a secondary emblem is rising.

Zhang Gendong introduced that since then in 2019, the city held an emperor purchase meeting in the city. In 2019, Jinan, invited 50 catering enterprises, actually came more than 100, and cooking the classic emperor dishes. Beijing, local enterprises sweep QR code, compete for emblem food; this year in Tianjin, the city not only vigorously promotes Huizhu dish culture, but also in the 2021 national catering industry vocational skill competition. Chinese cooking project special gold medal . Since 2017, the city’s frequent Chinese chef festivals organized by the Chinese Culinary Association, and the emblem is blooming in Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Yichang. In June, after many efforts, Huizhou cooking techniques, the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects, and the emblem brand was more bright.

In order to broadcast more emblem seeds, the city organizes Huizhu dismissal inheritance, China Huizhou Master, Into the New Oriental Cooking School, Shenzhen Cooking Technology School, Huangshan College, etc.

"This year," Huangshan City promotes a number of measures to promote the high-quality development of the footage of the Huiyi Industrial (Trial) "Huangshan City" Huangzu Entrepreneurship · Huiyuan "Project Implementation Plan" successfully introduced, the emblem of the world will be more powerful. "Zhang Gendong said .