1, May 2022
Why is the cadres of "Li Yunlong" are concerned?

Why is the cadres of "Li Yunlong" are concerned?

Recently, Shandong Province’s work mobilization meeting in the first working day of the opening day, emphasized that "bold use ‘Li Yunlong’s" cadres "will further adversely, and a lot of attention.

Today, in today’s deepening reform, the reform will further touch the adjustment and institutional changes in the deep interests, the complexity, sensitivity, and arduousness of reform, and the demand for cadres in this situation.It is also more urgent.How to select "Li Yunlong" cadres, use it, constraint, is an important task of strengthening the quality capacity of cadres at all levels, promoting comprehensive deepening reforms, cracking development problems.

Why did the "Li Yunlong" cadres have issued the "Opinion on Further Incentive Cadres", the new Age of Cadres, " Emphasize the orientation of the employer to establish a reality and dryness, and requests the comprehensive history to treat cadres, fair and fair to treat cadres, distinguish the personality, adhere to the principle, dare to grasp the cadres of the sinner, meet the requirements for bold use .

At the job, "Li Yunlong" cadres have clear characteristics: political reliability, loyalty to the party, can win, but do not see the individual leaders "to see"; dare to grasp the management, dare to touch hard, but easy "people" It goes straight, and it is stark personality, which may be considered "not flexible" "immature".

In response to the central requirements, "Li Yunlong" cadres are the good cadres needed in the new era, and it is difficult to attack hard. It is necessary to take responsibility, and there will be a sinner. If you encounter problems, go down, push, go out, towards, then work inevitably "empty". "Cadre is to do business, just like military people to fight, we must dare to take things, may not be willing to do things, good dealers, can do things as important criteria for identifying and using cadres." Especially in reform On the occasion of the development environment and situation task, there is a profound change, and it is necessary to "Li Yunlong" cadres, do not think about me, only to the urgency, strive to reform and innovate, attack hard, and constantly aggressive.

How to choose "Li Yunlong" cadres selection "Li Yunlong" cadres is an important part of the directive transformation of cadres selection and arbitrarily in the new situation, which is the vivid practice of "three distracted".

Boldly use the "Li Yunlong" cadres, for those cadres who are dedicated to cadres and cadres to create a harmonious work atmosphere, to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative, creativeness of the majority of cadres, and motivate them to better lead the masses. Official entrepreneurship, ensuring that a well-off society in an all-round way, and continuously creates a new situation in socialist modernization.

The reform and attacking, the "Li Yunlong" cadres dare to dare to rush, but this must not relax to relax the standards for cadres, but a higher demand for cadres selection and investigation.

First, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have excellent political quality.

"Li Yunlong" cadres often have an important position of reform attack, need to have alone, controlling the overall ability, which requires such cadres to have superior political judgment and excellent moral character, can afford a variety of risks The test of the challenge. Delicate and more reluctant.

Second, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have a strong awareness.

Cadre cadres, "dry" words.

The most prominent feature of "Li Yunlong" cadres dare to attack the hardship, especially at critical moments, major tasks, emergencies, and struggle, rushing, this requires such cadres to have strong progress in thinking. Consciousness, in practice work, facing difficulties and problems, with innovative consciousness and development spirit. Finally, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have courage to take care.

"Li Yunlong" cadres belong to active enterprising cadres, with a strong and rushing, dare to bother, dare to control the stall, so it is also facing more resistance and pressure, which requires such cadres that differ from general cadres. The pressure capabilities and courage to take care of themselves, highlight political, historical and responsibility. Due to special capabilities and quality requirements, "Li Yunlong" cadres belong to a scarcative talent in the current stage. Even if the "ticket" is not the highest, it is necessary to support them, let them stand out, for them. The reform entrepreneurship has been multi-standard, "Dry will" "doing". How to use the "Li Yunlong" cadres to give full play to the role and advantage of "Li Yunlong" cadres, is an important part of "Li Yunlong" cadre management.

"The fish is not jumped, people don’t work," The enthusiasm. It is necessary to actively play the forward incentive role of "correct employers".

In the selection of people, it is very good to say, and the distinctive guides of the selection will dare, I will not be willing to do, I will not be able to do things as an important criterion for identifying cadres, judges, and the reward and punishment, how to do cadres How many things have been done, and the organization and the masses are not recognized as the fundamental basis for the selection and cadres. The selection is dare to be responsible, beaten, be good at the cadres who have achieved highlights. For those cadres who don’t dare to work, don’t grasp the implementation, the development of the development, don’t change their thinking, if you don’t be responsible, you will be responsible, you don’t take it, you will dismiss it.

It is necessary to make a clear support and protect those cadres who have dare to make the style and dare to make it.

During the deepening of the reform, the work style of "Li Yunlong" cadres must break the routine, dare to trial, the contradiction between the interests of the existing curing, and the contradictions in the work of the work, it is inevitable to lack experience, First, I will try to make mistakes and errors in the superior, there is no clear limit in the exploratory test, in order to promote development, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a responsibility sharing system as a cadre, and cannot be used to engage in general accountability. It is never allowed to use the accountability to manage the responsibility to engage the responsibility to avoid the reverse punishment of "there are many mistakes, do not have any events".

At the same time, we must accurately grasp the boundaries of the policy. For violations of laws and disciplines, it must be seriously investigated and dealt with, prevent the nature of the problem, and take the wrong "protective umbrella", engage in discipline "loose", ensure that the fault is in the discipline, the legal bottom line.

(China Communist Party News Net reporter Qiaoye Qiong).