3, May 2022
The Tenth Session of the Medium – Non – 智库 Forum: Promotion of China-Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading

The Tenth Session of the Medium – Non – 智库 Forum: Promotion of China-Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 21 (Reporter Wei Donghua) The tenth session of China-Non-Zhiku Forum No. 20, on the line, underline combination in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The middle and non-guest guests of the participating meetings said that under the current situation, Central Africa needs more need to unite cooperation, next, the two sides will focus on health, investment and trade, should deal with key areas such as climate change, digital economy, etc. Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading, promoting the economic recovery development of Africa, China and the world after epidemic.

The guests said that China-Africa cooperation showed powerful toughness and pragmatic cooperation. Xu Bing, the Dean of China International Issues, China Found 20 years, China – African trade volume and China increased by 20 times and 100 times respectively, even in the face of new crown pneumonia, this figure is still Aggression growth. At present, more than 1,100 China-Africa "all the way" cooperation projects have maintained operation, in order to promote African industrialization, the promotion of employment has provided an important contribution to the African economic recovery. In recent years, China-Africa exchange cooperation in information infrastructure, digital technology, digital economy, and network security, continues to deepen, injecting new vitality into China-Africa cooperation, opening up new space.

Executive, Deputy Director of South Africa Foreign Ministry, said that when Africa is called "continent of the continent of the Africa", China has been confident in the development of Africa.

Some of the strong partnerships are unwilling to see, we have to better promote the vibrant relationship between China’s non-evolving.

The Minister of Senegal Culture and the Department of Justice, Aubdullaj Dior, said that China and non-commissioned goals and vision, in Africa, in Africa, in other than economic and trade investment and human exchange, Senes.

In the face of the Century Epidemic and International Variety, the participating guests put forward that China-African parties should jointly face risk challenges, eliminate "vaccine,", and fight the epidemic.

Liu Hongwu, Dean of the African Research Institute of Zhejiang Normal University, said that the representatives of all walks of life, economic development and economic and trade cooperation, education and human exchange, health and health and medium-sized medical cooperation, digital economy and governance digitization, etc. At the level, the multi-field is the effectiveness and experience of China-Non-cooperation, and discussing the new fields, new directions, new initiatives, new, new directions, new initiatives in the new China-Non-cooperative forum cycle. The China-Non-智库 Forum is an important part of the China-Non-cooperative forum framework. As a supporting preheating activity of the new Central African Cooperation Forum, the new China-Non Cooperation Forum will be held in Senegal. Two days, more than 200 Chinese non-expert scholars, media people around the "united and innovative development and joint development of China-non-fate community "The theme of" in-depth discussion, boost the development of China-non-comprehensive strategic partnerships. (Editor: Wang Yizhen, Xu Xiangli) Sharing let more people see.