5, May 2022
What is the "Snow Sealing Door", heating, transportation, vegetable supply, etc.? – directly hit the people’s lives in the snow in the northeastern blizzard

What is the "Snow Sealing Door", heating, transportation, vegetable supply, etc.? – directly hit the people’s lives in the snow in the northeastern blizzard

  Red warning, emergency response, school suspension … Since November 7, a rare large-scale blizzard has hit the northeast, and the snow in some areas has reached the extent of "big snow sealing door", breaking through the daily value of the snowfall.

  Heating heat is not hot? Is electric power stable? When is traffic recovered? What is the supply of vegetables? "Xinhua Viewpoint" reporter conducted an investigation of the living conditions of the people in the snow. The temperature dropped more than 10 degrees Celsius, the cold wave, the cold wave, the temperature of the northeast, 10 to 14 degrees Celsius, most of the regions, 10 to 14 degrees Celsius, the local area, 25 degrees Celsius, Liaoning, Jilin released Blizzard red warning. Liu Yong, deputy director of the Liaoning Provincial Meteorological Administration, said that this round of disasters have been rare in the past ten years. This brings a more severe challenge to heating work facing coal supply tightness. On the evening of the 8th, the Shenyang citizen, who was returned to the home, Zhang Chen, and a layer of white cream in the house. "The heating is not bad, the house is warm.

"He said that this year’s coal is nervous, many people are worried about cooling the weather heating. The city’s old community is the focus of protection.

In Building 2, No. 26, South Tata East Street, Shenyang City, has a nearly 30 years of living, living in the 5th floor of the 1st unit, Song Dynasty, in the east side of the room, wearing the autumn clothes, wearing a vest.

Song Changzuo has been 80 years old, especially cold. In the morning of the 9th, his house indoor temperature is above 20 degrees Celsius. "This temperature is very good.

"The pressure of heating is not small.

Shenyang Zhujia Heating Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the heating of this residential area heating in Song Changzhi, increase heating efforts since 6th. The company’s person in charge shows a graph to the reporter, the graph on the graph, the gray curve of the outdoor temperature began to decline, representing the red and green curve of the supply temperature of the secondary network. Liu Yam, director of Changchun City Changchun Group, said that before the cold wave, the group did an emergency plan. The heat source temperature increased by 10 degrees Celsius, and the output heat was increased by about 20%. Harbin Investment Group Co., Ltd. is the largest state-owned heating enterprise in Harbin, and this company also improves heating temperature during cooling. Currently, some local snowfall remain continuous. The meteorological department expects that after snowfall, the temperature will continue to decline, and the storage coal is still an important challenge for future heating.

  To this end, Liaoning arranged 500 million yuan for the expenditure of the city’s heating coal reserves and heating enterprises. As of now, the average storage coal from the province’s heating enterprises has reached more than 60%.

Jilin is coordinated with coal supply in Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, and increases the procurement of imported coal. Heilongjiang fully promotes black river Fuhong, Baqing Shuangliu and other coal mines, increase production capacity.

  Frozen rain rapid snow test grid power supply "Where is the car to open, the remaining road goes to" " The team is snowing and repairs, in some snow-deep mountain roads, the repair personnel will go forward. The primary pressure encountered by power is to trip the power-off warranty upgrade.

Wang Zhiqiang, Director of the Maintenance Department of Chaoyang Power Supply Company, Liaoning, said that on the 8th, Chaoyang Power Supply Company received 11 newspapers and repair, and the electric workers were completed, and the power supply was restored.

  Nie Shengwei, Director of the National Network Liaoning Electric Power Emergency Command Office, said that the company has adjusted the rain and snow-frozen yellow warning to an orange warning. At present, 356 teams have been put into teams, and 8928 people with assemblies should be fully responded. Second, the electricity load is used. In Jilin, it is affected by this rain and snow, and the province’s social electricity load has increased by about 200,000 kilowatts from the 6th. In order to ensure the safety of the residents during the cold wave, the National Network Jilin Power Supply Company arranged 856 duty repair personnel in 95 residents to ensure the emergency repair needs under extreme weather.

  Head wearing a hard hat, wearing a thick working cotton suit, holding a thermometer, smashing the snow of the ankle … National Network Liaoning Shenyang Power Supply Company Transmission and maintenance personnel highlights from 8:00 early at 9 o’clock in the patrol, It has been 1 o’clock in the afternoon. "Snow is so tight, take a break, and then take a patrol person again." Gao Liang said. "Such extreme weather, most afraid of snowfall melting forming lines, and some lines dance in the wind.

"Nie Shengwei said that the company has increased the road inspection, and arranged a 24-hour value in some key parts to ensure that there is no problem. The electricity department of the northeastern province strictly implements the measures such as riot snow, antifreeze, and anti-dance, strengthen the monitoring and warning. , Do a good job in safety risk prevention and control and anti-frozen ice-related emergency preparation, ensuring that power grid safety and stability operation and reliable power supply involving people’s livelihood and important customers. When traffic is seriously blocked, when the flizzle will bring severe effects to Northeast, Northeast China. 7 days late By the 8th, the whole day continues to snow, let Shenyang all the city, covering nearly 20 cm thick snow. There is a public joking, the snow is covered, finding a home car like "blind box".

   In Changchun City, snow is mixed with rain, muddy, and sanitation vehicles.

"We went out at 3:30 in the morning, yesterday’s blizzard has brought difficulties in the early morning of the morning." Han Dongxue, a sanitation worker in Chaoyang District, Changchun City. Since Harbin encounters rare frozen rain weather, it is difficult to form a big tree to form ice-mounted, branches, and road junction. At 17:00 to 8, 7 days, all toll stations in Liaoning Province have been closed; Dalian, Yingkou, Jinzhou and other port passenger transport will be closed, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport is temporarily closed by 0:00 to 10:00 Multiple flight delays; Harbin Airport is temporarily closed from 12 o’clock on the 8th; Changchun Station 23 trains is stopped … After the staff is fighting all night, traffic conditions are gradually improved. Some airports have been restored.

Shenyang Taoxian International Airport revealed the runway, taxiway, and the apron in the night, and closed closed on 9 days. At 8:40 on the 8th, Changchun Airport was reduced to blue, the airport runway was open, and the plan flight was released.

  Highway accelerates in addition to snow.

The reporter saw in the Beijing-Shenyang Expressway Liaozhong Toll Station, 5 large-scale softer simultaneous operations, and the road workers were shoveling on the road, and the eye-catching segments and corner, and the folks and other key parts were spread. Since the snow is still continuous, most express highway toll stations in Liaoning are still closed. The railway department launched an emergency plan. At the China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. dispatch command hall, more than 200 dispatched staff focused on each line, more than 2,000 scheduling commands continued.

At present, China Railway Shenyang Bureau Group Co., Ltd. has dispatched 756-column scraping locomotive, scraping ice train, ensuring smooth railway power, and recovering the lines of the line as soon as possible.

  The greenhouse is difficult to transport, and the vegetables can continue to supply Xinmin City is a vegetable planting gathering place in Shenyang. Because Snow is too large, there is a batch of greenhouses in the local area being crushed.

The reporter saw in Shenyang Shengfa Vegetable Wholesale Market, the snow covered with snow in Honghu, the market, more than 20 cm, fresh and fresh trucks. The staff Liu Qiuying told reporters that because of the blizzard, the vehicle is difficult to enter, the purchases and the sale of the vendors are more than half of them.

  In a vegetable market in Peony Street, Chaoyang District, Changchun City, the reporter saw the vegetables. Interviewed vendor said that the current vegetable prices are high in previous years, and the price increase is the spinach, reaching nearly 10 yuan a pound. They are worried that this snowfall and frozen rain have an impact on road traffic, and vegetable prices may rise in a short time.

  The relevant person in charge of the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce introduced that snowfree-free weather brings highway closure and traffic blocked, will bring difficulties to vegetables and live pigs, and it is expected to decrease in short-term goods, but from current meat and important life necessities inventory Reserve and market circulation situations can be guaranteed to ensure stable market supply in the city. Take vegetables as an example. At present, there are five major circulation enterprises such as Shenyang City.

The city’s residents ‘vegetables in the city, the consumption of vegetables, vegetable reserves and daily listed volumes can fully meet the needs of residents’ daily consumption. It is expected that with the end of this round, traffic is restored, and the price will gradually recover smoothly.

(Reporter Wang Wei, Ding Yi White, Zou Mingzhong; Participate in the Jun Yong, Duan Duan, Xu Zheng, Yan Lin Yun, Wujiangmin, Li Shuangxi) +1.