6, May 2022
Warm heart! The old man crossing the road, Zibo traffic police, all the way

Warm heart! The old man crossing the road, Zibo traffic police, all the way

Source: Recently, a touching scene was interpreted in Zhou Village, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. A old man pushed the truck to the intersection, the traffic police on the road to fight, and the passing vehicles have made rows, patience and other elders. At 9:50 am on August 30, Zhou Village Xinjian Road Dongmen Road intersection, at this time, the southern direction signal light is a green light, and all vehicles are passing.

At this time, an old man trembled a small truck to cross the road from the intersection.

When the old man went to the middle of the intersection, the Zhou Village Traffic Police Brigade on the southeast corner of the intersection saw this danger, rushed to the elderly.

Because the old legs are inappropriate, Bishou Yue has helped the old man slowly walked through the intersection, the vehicle or deceleration or parking of the intersection. Through communication with the elderly, Babiyue learned that the old man had to go to the laverse pharmacy to buy medicines, and sent the old man to the door of the pharmacy, Bishu Yuhui returned to the post on the post.

At this way, it happened to be seen by an enthusiastic maship. I took this touching lens with my mobile phone: Bishou Yue held a cart in one hand, helping the elderly in one hand, and the passing vehicles have made rows.

Afterwards, by calling the intersection monitoring, the elderly cross the road of the road took a minute, during the period, no car was urged to press the speaker. (Liu Wei intern blue rainbow).