8, May 2022
The pop-up advertisement is not endless, is it so difficult to buy a ticket?

The pop-up advertisement is not endless, is it so difficult to buy a ticket?

Various populations.

APP screenshots flying a few times in Li Wei, "Air Flight", pop-up window "welfare" has become an interference. "I don’t want to waste time to get the so-called welfare, and I don’t want to harass friends, it is too much trouble.

"APP Advertising Consumer Protection Evaluation Report (2020)" released by Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Committee shows that 58% of the APP has an advertisement, where% of the advertisements do not have "closing".

There are many pop-up advertising, which is related to the profit model of Internet companies. Liu Dejiang, a professor of the School of Law, Beijing Normal University, said that "selling advertising" is an important way for Internet companies to achieve "traffic show", and the APP or applet advertisements are usually to attract traffic, show related products and services.

"The pop-up advertisement should have a striking shut-off button, and the content should also be legally compliant, but some pop-up advertisements release false information, suspected of fraud, or even user personal information is collected in the case of unknowing.

"Liu De Liang said that consumers are investigated to advertising or providing channels, such as legitimate rights and interests of pop-up advertisements.

On April 7, 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "General Design Specifications for Appropriate Normalization of Internet Site" and "Mobile Internet Application (APP) Adjustment General Design Specifications" clearly pointed out that the old-elderly interface Content and plug-in, can also randomly appear advertising or temporary advertising pop-up. No induced download, induce payment, etc. in mobile applications. "For ordinary APPs, administrative organs and industry organizations can make some guiding requirements for populations, and gradually standardize them.

"Guo Cong, the lawyer of Beijing Middle Caused Law Firm," At the same time, it should increase punishment, limit the advertising to a reasonable range. "Do not understand the price of the pop-up window, some online ticket purchase platform, the package bundle also makes consumers" do not understand ". Flying pigs, where, Ctrip and other platforms provide Train tickets, additional paid products, services, services, including free ticket purchase, insurance, pick-up, etc.

The reporter found in WeChat to buy a plane ticket, and in the fare list of the specific flights, the first place is usually "lowest price", and most have the purchase of "Exclusive Package" logo.

The reporter randomly chooses a flight, the price is 493 yuan + 44 yuan for the package source, the order shows the default price of 587 yuan, the price contains 493 yuan ticket + 44 yuan enjoy package + 50 yuan machine construction fuel fee.