11, May 2022
Suzhou City Medical Insurance Information System Downtable Top Ten Policy Questions

Suzhou City Medical Insurance Information System Downtable Top Ten Policy Questions

  1. Why is the medical insurance information system to stop switching? A: In order to completely realize the direct settlement of medical insurance across the province, the National Medical Insurance Bureau establishes a unified standard medical insurance information platform in the country. This platform will solve the difference in information platform in the country, the data is not recognized, and the insured person is inconvenient. Question, the participating people can handle more medical insurance services through online service halls, officials, WeChat, Alipay and other channels, which is conducive to the participation of the masses to enjoy more convenient, fast, and high quality medical services. Therefore, in accordance with the unified deployment of the State, Provincial Medical Board, the city needs to stop running the Quanzhou City medical insurance information system, online national unified medical information platform.

  2, stop the specific time? A: At 20:00 on November 5, 20:00, it is scheduled to start on November 16, and the specific time will be notified separately.

  3. Which medical insurance business will be affected this shutdown switch? A: During the shutdown, all business information systems are suspended; suspend the insured use the APP, Alipay, WeChat and other online channels to apply medical insurance services (urban residents 2022 to pay for the payment of the payment); the insured personal account is suspended Use; designated pharmaceutical institutions suspends the insured medical expense network settlement; in different places, medical patients suspend the settlement of different land network.

  4, what is the need to do before the stop: For patients with chronic diseases, you can apply for a long prescription service to the pharmaceutical institution according to the needs of your own condition.

In the hospital’s insured patients (including medical patients in different places), reach the discharge standard, please cooperate with the hospital for medical insurance before the stop; if you do not reach the discharge standard, please cancel the original medical insurance before the stop, turn itself in the hospital After the new medical insurance information platform, go to the medical hospital to re-return to the medical insurance settlement, and will not re-collect the medical insurance. 5. Can you see a doctor during the stop? A: During the downtime, the medical purchase is not affected.

However, if it is necessary, it is recommended to avoid medical purchase during this period.

If there is an urgent need, such as the dialysis of the outpatient dialysis, malignant tumor chemotherapy, etc., can pay the deposit or accounting in the fixed-point medical institution, to the new medical insurance information system to make a subscription, complete the prescription upload and medical insurance fee settlement; for stop switching During the period, the newly entered the hospital will be registered at their own expense. After the new medical insurance information platform is enabled, the medical hospital will re-examination, the medical insurance admission, the doctor’s advice is detailed.

  6. How to reimburse the drug store to buy medicine during the downtime? A: During the stop, patients with slow characteristics need to purchase medicine in the designated drug store, the drug fee is paid by the personal push, and after the new platform goes to the fixed-point pharmacy to make up registration, complete the prescription upload and medical insurance cost settlement.

  7. During the stop, the insured person in Suzhou City should answer the doctor in different places: During the shutdown period, the insured person in the field is not allowed to do medical treatment. You can first check the admission in a self-funded manner. The medical insurance registration is entered the hospital; during the shutdown period, the medical insurance is not allowed, and the medical expenses can be paid forever, handle the procedures for self-funding, carrying the invoice, the fee list, discharge of the small knot and complete hospital medical records, and return to the medical insurance Handling hand-reimbursement.

  8. What should I do if I don’t have a refund for referrals during the stop? A: During the shutdown, the medical record business is normal, all change to handmade paper registration, no longer register for uploading in the different medical system, can not register medical insurance in the same area to register and settle, to be new platform business recovery After the telephone report, transfer to the medical insurance to register and settle the hospital, or return to the medical insurance for the medical insurance, the medical insurance department service point is hand-reimbursed.

Medical insurance benefits are not affected.

  9. After the new platform is online, the medical insurance electronic voucher and social security card use have any other medical insurance treatment? A: Medical security electronic voucher, social security card is not used, all outpatient, hospitalization, purchase medicine and other medical treatment and stop before stopping Change. 10. During the platform switching, can I pay medical insurance? A: About urban employee insured payment, the November payment plan has been generated, does not affect the original insured unit and personal payment, but the new unit and the base declaration, the insured registration, information change, the addition, and the medical insurance payment, Inquiry and other services are suspended during the shutdown, and the system switches will be handled. About urban and rural residents’ insurance payment, not being affected by the shutdown, the people can pay the public number, the official website, the app, Alipay small procedure 2022 Annual medical insurance fees.

  The inconvenience caused by the system switches, please pay for the majority of insured, units and alliances from all walks of life.

If special reasons such as technical adhesives, the downtime or online time is required, and will be notified separately. I sincerely thank you for your understanding of medical security work.

If you have any questions, please consult the Suzhou City and the county hospital medical insurance agency.