12, May 2022
The person in charge of the key liquor enterprises in Hunan Province held a concert in Changsha

The person in charge of the key liquor enterprises in Hunan Province held a concert in Changsha

People’s Network Changsha, March 18, recently, Hunan Liquid Association organized the person in charge of the province’s key liquor enterprises to hold a symposium, analyzed the exchange of economic development in the liquor industry, in order to promote the high-quality development of the Hunan wine industry, revitalize Xiang wine. Liu Weiping, president of Hunan Provincial Wine Industry, conducted a detailed introduction to the current situation and existence of Hunan Province, and proposed that Xiangco Enterprises need to share the development of the group, respond to industry challenges, take the initiative to meet and grasp the current trend of liquor industry. Fully promote the development of the key liquor companies in the province. The Work Plan for actively promoting the high – quality development of Hunan Wine Industry is fully discussed. Zheng Yiping, Executive Secretary General, Executive Secretary of Hunan Province, delivered a "Hunan Liquid Association on actively promoting, implementing the development of Xiangyi Industrial Development), to make up for the" Xiangyi "industry in publicity, promotion activities , Variety improvement, development fund, talent training, service, etc.

Zheng Yingping said that the association will organize Xiangyi promotion activities every year, and jointly strengthen publicity in the "Xiang wine" craft, brand, culture.

"The retail sales of liquor per year in Hunan Province is about 30 billion, but Xiangco only accounts for one-sixth of Hunan consumer market share.

Wang Xiaoyu, general manager of Hunan Xiangyu Wine Co., Ltd., said that the key to improving the competitiveness of Xiangyi is to enhance brand influence. He encourages companies to rely on Hunan high-quality media resources, design and production of a group of "Xiang people drink Xiang Wine" , Xiang people love Xiang wine "propaganda advertisement, telling the story of Xiangyi, boosting the market development.

Deputy Secretary, Deputy General Manager, Deputy General Manager, emphasized the important role of talents in his speech, recommended that the association conducts commendation activities annually, selecting a group of outstanding winemares, master, artisan masters, technical expertise and other professional talents, Injecting the innocent source for Xiangco Enterprises, promoting the brand of Xiangco brands to do strong.

(Zheng Yingping Tan Jiaxun).