3, May 2022
The Tenth Session of the Medium – Non – 智库 Forum: Promotion of China-Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading

The Tenth Session of the Medium – Non – 智库 Forum: Promotion of China-Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, October 21 (Reporter Wei Donghua) The tenth session of China-Non-Zhiku Forum No. 20, on the line, underline combination in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. The middle and non-guest guests of the participating meetings said that under the current situation, Central Africa needs more need to unite cooperation, next, the two sides will focus on health, investment and trade, should deal with key areas such as climate change, digital economy, etc. Non-cooperative transformation and upgrading, promoting the economic recovery development of Africa, China and the world after epidemic.

The guests said that China-Africa cooperation showed powerful toughness and pragmatic cooperation. Xu Bing, the Dean of China International Issues, China Found 20 years, China – African trade volume and China increased by 20 times and 100 times respectively, even in the face of new crown pneumonia, this figure is still Aggression growth. At present, more than 1,100 China-Africa "all the way" cooperation projects have maintained operation, in order to promote African industrialization, the promotion of employment has provided an important contribution to the African economic recovery. In recent years, China-Africa exchange cooperation in information infrastructure, digital technology, digital economy, and network security, continues to deepen, injecting new vitality into China-Africa cooperation, opening up new space.

Executive, Deputy Director of South Africa Foreign Ministry, said that when Africa is called "continent of the continent of the Africa", China has been confident in the development of Africa.

Some of the strong partnerships are unwilling to see, we have to better promote the vibrant relationship between China’s non-evolving.

The Minister of Senegal Culture and the Department of Justice, Aubdullaj Dior, said that China and non-commissioned goals and vision, in Africa, in Africa, in other than economic and trade investment and human exchange, Senes.

In the face of the Century Epidemic and International Variety, the participating guests put forward that China-African parties should jointly face risk challenges, eliminate "vaccine,", and fight the epidemic.

Liu Hongwu, Dean of the African Research Institute of Zhejiang Normal University, said that the representatives of all walks of life, economic development and economic and trade cooperation, education and human exchange, health and health and medium-sized medical cooperation, digital economy and governance digitization, etc. At the level, the multi-field is the effectiveness and experience of China-Non-cooperation, and discussing the new fields, new directions, new initiatives, new, new directions, new initiatives in the new China-Non-cooperative forum cycle. The China-Non-智库 Forum is an important part of the China-Non-cooperative forum framework. As a supporting preheating activity of the new Central African Cooperation Forum, the new China-Non Cooperation Forum will be held in Senegal. Two days, more than 200 Chinese non-expert scholars, media people around the "united and innovative development and joint development of China-non-fate community "The theme of" in-depth discussion, boost the development of China-non-comprehensive strategic partnerships. (Editor: Wang Yizhen, Xu Xiangli) Sharing let more people see.

2, May 2022
The 10th "Zhihui Lisu" Talent Science and Technology Summit

The 10th "Zhihui Lisu" Talent Science and Technology Summit

  It is reported that the talent science and technology summit has been held in a row, introducing a large number of outstanding talents for Lishui, gathered a large number of well-known enterprises, landing a large number of scientific and technological projects, for the rise of semiconductor full chain, precision manufacturing, health medicine, fashion industry The five major industries such as digital economy have injected strong driving force.

  At the opening ceremony of this summit, 22 talent technology projects such as Normal University of Normal University have successfully signed, ZTSOC high-temperature fuel cell, organic light-emitting semiconductor material, six rotor-based carbon fiber, no man, roll soft vine glass 4 talent technology product release. It also demonstrated the integrated integrated integration of "two mountains" transformation "two mountains". The heavens are watching, that is, through integrated satellite remote sensing, grassroots governance "four platforms" and environmental sense of network big data, providing digital change support for innovative practice "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept.

  In addition, the opening ceremony also issued a special project for Lishui Agriculture, Ecological Industry, Wentaging and Service, held a licensed ceremony for Lishui Talent Technology Development Co., Ltd. and 4 Lishui Talent Bank, and helped revolutionary revolution in famous universities and research institutes in the country. The revival of the revitalization of the resonance development of the old district, the launching ceremony of the Talent Science and Technology Joint Action, which is "Shanhai Collaboration, Common Fuyu", also issued a "double trick and double" demand for the world. During the summit, academicians, high-level talents and experts academic experts gathered together, surrounding the theme of talents, focusing on common prosperity, discreting to innovation and entrepreneurship, talking about Lishui future development. In addition to the opening ceremony, there are 14 subsidies, 6 warm-up activities, and 10 sub-venue activities run through the summit. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

1, May 2022
Why is the cadres of "Li Yunlong" are concerned?

Why is the cadres of "Li Yunlong" are concerned?

Recently, Shandong Province’s work mobilization meeting in the first working day of the opening day, emphasized that "bold use ‘Li Yunlong’s" cadres "will further adversely, and a lot of attention.

Today, in today’s deepening reform, the reform will further touch the adjustment and institutional changes in the deep interests, the complexity, sensitivity, and arduousness of reform, and the demand for cadres in this situation.It is also more urgent.How to select "Li Yunlong" cadres, use it, constraint, is an important task of strengthening the quality capacity of cadres at all levels, promoting comprehensive deepening reforms, cracking development problems.

Why did the "Li Yunlong" cadres have issued the "Opinion on Further Incentive Cadres", the new Age of Cadres, " Emphasize the orientation of the employer to establish a reality and dryness, and requests the comprehensive history to treat cadres, fair and fair to treat cadres, distinguish the personality, adhere to the principle, dare to grasp the cadres of the sinner, meet the requirements for bold use .

At the job, "Li Yunlong" cadres have clear characteristics: political reliability, loyalty to the party, can win, but do not see the individual leaders "to see"; dare to grasp the management, dare to touch hard, but easy "people" It goes straight, and it is stark personality, which may be considered "not flexible" "immature".

In response to the central requirements, "Li Yunlong" cadres are the good cadres needed in the new era, and it is difficult to attack hard. It is necessary to take responsibility, and there will be a sinner. If you encounter problems, go down, push, go out, towards, then work inevitably "empty". "Cadre is to do business, just like military people to fight, we must dare to take things, may not be willing to do things, good dealers, can do things as important criteria for identifying and using cadres." Especially in reform On the occasion of the development environment and situation task, there is a profound change, and it is necessary to "Li Yunlong" cadres, do not think about me, only to the urgency, strive to reform and innovate, attack hard, and constantly aggressive.

How to choose "Li Yunlong" cadres selection "Li Yunlong" cadres is an important part of the directive transformation of cadres selection and arbitrarily in the new situation, which is the vivid practice of "three distracted".

Boldly use the "Li Yunlong" cadres, for those cadres who are dedicated to cadres and cadres to create a harmonious work atmosphere, to maximize the enthusiasm, initiative, creativeness of the majority of cadres, and motivate them to better lead the masses. Official entrepreneurship, ensuring that a well-off society in an all-round way, and continuously creates a new situation in socialist modernization.

The reform and attacking, the "Li Yunlong" cadres dare to dare to rush, but this must not relax to relax the standards for cadres, but a higher demand for cadres selection and investigation.

First, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have excellent political quality.

"Li Yunlong" cadres often have an important position of reform attack, need to have alone, controlling the overall ability, which requires such cadres to have superior political judgment and excellent moral character, can afford a variety of risks The test of the challenge. Delicate and more reluctant.

Second, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have a strong awareness.

Cadre cadres, "dry" words.

The most prominent feature of "Li Yunlong" cadres dare to attack the hardship, especially at critical moments, major tasks, emergencies, and struggle, rushing, this requires such cadres to have strong progress in thinking. Consciousness, in practice work, facing difficulties and problems, with innovative consciousness and development spirit. Finally, "Li Yunlong" cadres need to have courage to take care.

"Li Yunlong" cadres belong to active enterprising cadres, with a strong and rushing, dare to bother, dare to control the stall, so it is also facing more resistance and pressure, which requires such cadres that differ from general cadres. The pressure capabilities and courage to take care of themselves, highlight political, historical and responsibility. Due to special capabilities and quality requirements, "Li Yunlong" cadres belong to a scarcative talent in the current stage. Even if the "ticket" is not the highest, it is necessary to support them, let them stand out, for them. The reform entrepreneurship has been multi-standard, "Dry will" "doing". How to use the "Li Yunlong" cadres to give full play to the role and advantage of "Li Yunlong" cadres, is an important part of "Li Yunlong" cadre management.

"The fish is not jumped, people don’t work," The enthusiasm. It is necessary to actively play the forward incentive role of "correct employers".

In the selection of people, it is very good to say, and the distinctive guides of the selection will dare, I will not be willing to do, I will not be able to do things as an important criterion for identifying cadres, judges, and the reward and punishment, how to do cadres How many things have been done, and the organization and the masses are not recognized as the fundamental basis for the selection and cadres. The selection is dare to be responsible, beaten, be good at the cadres who have achieved highlights. For those cadres who don’t dare to work, don’t grasp the implementation, the development of the development, don’t change their thinking, if you don’t be responsible, you will be responsible, you don’t take it, you will dismiss it.

It is necessary to make a clear support and protect those cadres who have dare to make the style and dare to make it.

During the deepening of the reform, the work style of "Li Yunlong" cadres must break the routine, dare to trial, the contradiction between the interests of the existing curing, and the contradictions in the work of the work, it is inevitable to lack experience, First, I will try to make mistakes and errors in the superior, there is no clear limit in the exploratory test, in order to promote development, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to establish a responsibility sharing system as a cadre, and cannot be used to engage in general accountability. It is never allowed to use the accountability to manage the responsibility to engage the responsibility to avoid the reverse punishment of "there are many mistakes, do not have any events".

At the same time, we must accurately grasp the boundaries of the policy. For violations of laws and disciplines, it must be seriously investigated and dealt with, prevent the nature of the problem, and take the wrong "protective umbrella", engage in discipline "loose", ensure that the fault is in the discipline, the legal bottom line.

(China Communist Party News Net reporter Qiaoye Qiong).

30, Apr 2022
Virtual "Digital" market rapidly warming "digital people" into our lives

Virtual "Digital" market rapidly warming "digital people" into our lives

Since this year, the virtual digital market has rapidly warmed up, and many technologies have released digital related products.

Recently, Baidu released a large-truthful digital person in China that interacts within App.

Previously, Alibaba developed ultra-write real-digital Ayayi officially entered Ali, became the digital author of Tmall Super Brand Day; OPPO published mobile phone intelligent assistant based on virtual human multi-mode interaction, enabling users in multiple scenes Ecology, real-time interaction; B station specifically opens partitions for virtual anchors. Unconsciously, virtual digital people have begun to walk into our lives.

Virtual digital people refer to virtual characters with digital shapes, integrated with multimode modeling, speech recognition, knowledge map, visual technology, etc., which are gradually appearing in social, dissemination, marketing.

For the user, the virtual person is the necessary avatar of entering the virtual world. The user can set a number of different image differentiated according to the preferences; for brokerage companies, virtual idols are lower than those defaults in the real person, so they have willing to incubate virtual idols and virtual Announcement; for merchants, diversified digital people can get more commercial scenarios, expand new digital marketing space. As related technologies are gradually mature, digital people are an important carrier interact with virtual worlds, and there is a wide range of potential markets. According to the investigation organization data, in 2030, my country’s virtual digital overall market scale will reach 270 billion yuan.

A thousand miles begins with a single step. Even virtual digital people, it is necessary to work hard. Although the concept is hot, the current industry is still in the initial stage, and the development is also facing policies, funds, technology, and talents.

Can virtual digital people walk far, core in technology.

At present, virtual digital production methods have low degree of automation, high production threshold, and key technologies are not completely mature. Next, we must continue to increase key core technological innovation, reduce digital production and production costs, provide more natural and realistic experience, improve the restayment of digital people, and the construction of digital open platform, enhance technology accessibility .

The virtual digital can go far, the key look at the application. At present, the virtual digital market is in the early stage of development, and the virtual idol in the virtual anchor and virtual IP of live people serves is currently market hotspots, and the application is biased towards entertainment. As artificial intelligence technology is constantly mature, the virtual digital market is gradually expanding to the field of life services. In the future, the progress of digital technology will create more diverse application scenarios and greater development space for the digitians. As a new thing, people have many gaps for virtual digital people. In the system standard level and safety ethical level, not only the lack of unified technical standards and requirements in the industry, the product quality is not good, relevant laws and regulations, ethical norms are also treated, there is a certain potential risk.

To step up research on various types of virtual digital applications to people’s psychological impacts, and the impact on human society, and introduce relevant laws and regulations and ethical norms as soon as possible. (Wang Yichen) Responsible Editor: KJ005.

29, Apr 2022
Xining City Chengbei District measures and promotes the implementation of rural revitalization strategies

Xining City Chengbei District measures and promotes the implementation of rural revitalization strategies

Xining City Chengbei District Government, District Agricultural Rural Rural and Rural Revitalization Bureau follows the general requirements of agricultural rural priority development, keeping around rural people’s environment, to consolidate the construction of rural infrastructure as a starting point, and fully promote the revitalization of rural resolution Get effective. This year, the total investment in Chengbei District of Xining City is about 100 million yuan, and 13 villages such as Shi Lei and Dagao are implemented.

Investing in 10,000 yuan, Lang, Wu Zhong, Yi Zhai, Wang Jiazhai 5 village urban and rural integrated water supply project, laid water supply network, set various types of gate valves, three-way four-way total 3227 sets 2752 valve wells, pump rooms, management rooms, and water storage pools, recovering roads, and fully solving the safety drinking water problems of 3408 million people in 5 villages.

Coordinating the entrance project of Natural gas into the village in Jinjiawan, Baojiazhai and Wu Zhong, Dagao Town, and 3 villages, 428 natural gas entrants are being implemented. At the same time, on the basis of completing the rural road maintenance and renovation project of the two towns last year, I invest 6 million yuan this year to implement 343 meters of the convenience of Xiaqiao Village. It is currently launching a rain pipe network. Implementation of the Wave Village Sewage Treatment Project, laying a sewage collection pipe network, including 626 wells, the septic tank, has completed the performance acceptance; investing 1.71 million yuan to implement the sewage pipe network of Xixai Garden, 1755 meters, new inspection well A total of 71 septic tanks; 2.22 million yuan of deposition, completion of the sewage rainwater pipe network of the second phase of the 20 Lipai Village and Templar Village (B).

In addition, the re-examination of the "toilet revolution" rural household toilet construction project has completed 110 rural households this year, and the newly built 8 rural garbage transfer stations and put into operation. To install 110 solar street lights in New Village, Mao Sheng Temple, 1,4084 treasures, flowers, ribbed hedges, 1084 plants, 11 villages in the jurisdiction, and 4,500 plants in the jurisdiction, and more than 4,500 people in the jurisdiction. Green landscaping village increases to transform the area of ??10,000 square meters.

(Source: Xining City, Chengbei District Committee propaganda Ministry, Minquan, Fan Shengdong) (Editor: Chen Jing, Zhang Liping) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

28, Apr 2022
The split behavior of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is seriously threatened to peacefully unity (Taiwan experts have revealed the "unique" provocation of the DPP

The split behavior of the Ministry of Public Advanced Party is seriously threatened to peacefully unity (Taiwan experts have revealed the "unique" provocation of the DPP

"Peaceful unity, one country, two systems" is the best way to solve the problem.

Since 1979, the mainland has made unremitting efforts to seek two sides of the strait, sincerely promote the two sides and talks and fight for the Taiwan people, and hope that the Taiwan authorities also hopes to be in Taiwan people.

The continent Yu Zhiyi, Xiao Zhiyi, the movement of love, Huizhi The question can be talked about "" Friends of the branches "" Cross-Strait Destinum "" Deepening the branches of branches ", etc., can be used to be good and sincere.

Under the joint efforts of the two sore compatriots, both sides were absorbed to each other, realizing the full direct two-way "three-way", achieving institutional consultations between the two sides of the strait and reached more than 20 agreements, achieving the historic meeting of the leaders of both strait The two sides of the strait have shown a delightful prospect.

However, since 2016, the "Taiwan independence", the "Taiwan independence" has been sharply turned sharply.

The Ministry of Public Advanced Party refused to admit "Nine-two consensus", resulting in two sides of the communication mechanism to stop, and the two will talk about the interruption, and the "case of wind wave", the new crown pneumonia epidemic enormous, inciting the hostility and opposition, hinder the normal communication between the branches, unilateral Change the status quo of cross-strait relations peaceful development.

At the same time, the Ministry of Public Progressive Party is self-respecting, leaning against the "unique", promoting various forms of "gradually entering Taiwan independence" and "going China’s" activities in the island, causing the splitting of Taiwan to vicious development.

Recently, in order to save the people’s political party, the trust crisis of the people’s grievances, the people’s satisfaction decline, once again enabled the trick "anti-in-law", put "with heroes" in the mainland, never yield In the "Double Ten Speech", it claims that the so-called "four persistence", throws the "mutual discrimination", and will openly denied the facts of the two sides of the country, China sovereignty and territory from unsearched facts, in the split motherland The more far from the dangerous road. Examine the current Taiwan Sea Situation, the exchange between the two sides of the strait, intensify, hostile deeper, and external interference forces see the needle, "Taiwan China", claiming that "the promise of Taiwan is strong as the rock" support Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the United Nations The activities of the system ", to help the borders, Xing wind, to destroy the international community, a Chinese pattern, to support the people of the Democratic Party, make the" Taiwan independence "splitting forces more unspeakable, arbitrarily to seek" unique "provocation, two sides of the peaceful unified prospects face serious threat. In order to maintain the prospects of the two sides of the strait, the mainland will be more powerful for "Taiwan independence" split potential, and the relationship between the two straits goes to this problem, which will highlight all the Chinese people including Taiwan compatriots. .

The complete unity of the motherland is the common will of the Chinese nation. It is the inevitable requirement of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The motherland must be unified and will be unified. This is a historical controversy that is not moving.

The political policy of the peaceful reunification of the motherland has not changed, but there is no promise to give up the use of force, and anyone should not underestimate the strong determination of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, firm will, powerful.

History of more than 40 years shows that both strait relationships are stable and stable, and the prospects of peace and unity of the motherland are broadcasted, and there is naturally increased space to increase the benefits of bilateral compatriots. Conversely, cross-strait relations continue to tension, adopt all necessary measures including non-peaceful methods to maintain national sovereignty and territorial integrity and the fundamental interests of the ternary interests of both sides of the strait will continue to rise. The key to the problem is what kind of roads walk in the Taiwan authorities, choose what kind of cross-strait relationship. Since the beginning of this century, when the "Nine-two Consensus", when the party opposes "Taiwan independence", the Taiwan authorities have embarked on the direction of mainland reconciliation and cooperation; and denied "Nine-two consensus", advocating "Taiwan independence" The Taiwan authorities have embarked on the direction of continental opposition and confrontation. Two-strait relationship presents two completely different appearances, which also indicates two different prospects. In the face of two prospects, Taiwan’s political forces and their own voters should recognize the general trend, think twice. "People’s Daily Overseas Edition" (04th edition, November 19, 2021) Editor: Yan Yulan.

27, Apr 2022
Zhong’an Online Huangshan Channel Huizhu Disgraces Drinking

Zhong’an Online Huangshan Channel Huizhu Disgraces Drinking

  In the cold winter season, the Huizhou Economic Development Zone Sunshine Highlights. Huangshan Huiyuan Company’s display is playing the general manager Wang Yang to accept the lens of the host Li Sisi in July. Wang Yang smiled, he had already unveiled CCTV three times this year. In recent years, the city has passed the promotion meeting, the participation, declaration of honor, association, skills training, online publicity, etc. Last year, the food and beverage income was 8.1 billion yuan, and the ingredient sales income was 8.7 billion yuan. From September 11th to 13th, Huizhou dishes were unveiled in Shanghai, "Jiangnan Eat Festival", introduced the guests and media in the guests and media.

The city catering and cooking association organized 12 member companies such as Huangshan Huiyuan, Huiyuan, China Huizhu Food Museum, and Jiyun Villas to participate, fully display emblem restaurant and ingredients.

Mr. Li, who had worked in Tunxi, sent my statement, turning into Tunxi for nearly 40 years, today, he specially came to taste the emblem, memories full! From November 24th to 27th, last year, the association group entered Beijing, jointly organized the 316th China Kitchen Skills, on-site teaching, promotional emblem. The head of more than 80 catering enterprises in the local emblem, Yipin cloth, Jiang Junfu, Beijing International Hotel, etc. Cooperation intention to reach the purchase of an online dishes in the city. On April 8th, the association held an exchange of food enterprises in Anhui Province in Tunxi. The province’s catering and cooking industry is exchanged interaction with the interaction of the famous cooking industry.

Zhang Gendong, relevant person in charge of the City Catering Culinary Industry Association, recommended Hui Hui and ingredients, Huangshan Huifuyuan Food Company, Rongfutang Food Co., Ltd. Fully show.

Everyone flies to the booth and subscribes to a hundred million yuan. On June 3, the association organized a member unit to participate in the provincial Golden Shipper Kitchen Media Competition. Zhang Gendong as a speech as a vice president of the emblem, the vice president of the Provincial Cuisine Association, and Ya Daqing, the head of Huangshan Huiyuan Food Company, asked the vice president of the Provincial Culinary Association to interview with the host, and the Yunyun Mountain Villa, and the Top Top Top Top Top 10 Anhui Province Unit, show 18 classic emblems.

  A sound is sold, and a secondary emblem is rising.

Zhang Gendong introduced that since then in 2019, the city held an emperor purchase meeting in the city. In 2019, Jinan, invited 50 catering enterprises, actually came more than 100, and cooking the classic emperor dishes. Beijing, local enterprises sweep QR code, compete for emblem food; this year in Tianjin, the city not only vigorously promotes Huizhu dish culture, but also in the 2021 national catering industry vocational skill competition. Chinese cooking project special gold medal . Since 2017, the city’s frequent Chinese chef festivals organized by the Chinese Culinary Association, and the emblem is blooming in Liaoning, Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing, Yichang. In June, after many efforts, Huizhou cooking techniques, the fifth batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative projects, and the emblem brand was more bright.

In order to broadcast more emblem seeds, the city organizes Huizhu dismissal inheritance, China Huizhou Master, Into the New Oriental Cooking School, Shenzhen Cooking Technology School, Huangshan College, etc.

"This year," Huangshan City promotes a number of measures to promote the high-quality development of the footage of the Huiyi Industrial (Trial) "Huangshan City" Huangzu Entrepreneurship · Huiyuan "Project Implementation Plan" successfully introduced, the emblem of the world will be more powerful. "Zhang Gendong said .

26, Apr 2022
Versterk de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van Qinghai met hervorming en innovatie

Versterk de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van Qinghai met hervorming en innovatie

Op 1 juli gaf algemene secretaris Xi Jinping een belangrijke toespraak op bij de 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China, en het glorieuze proces van de Communistische Partij van China beoordeeld. Hij prees de grote prestaties van de Communistische Partij van China Om de schepping van het Chinese volk, de plechtige aankondiging te cre?ren. "Na alle mensen van het hele feest hebben we de eerste honderd jaar strijd bereikt. In het Chinese land is een goed-off-samenleving voltooid, historisch opgelost de absolute armoede, En het is bedoeld om een ??uitgebreide socialistische moderne kracht te bouwen. De tweedehonderd jaar strijd is in beweging.

"We moeten de betekenis begrijpen en begrijpen, rijk aan connotatie, kernelementen, praktische vereisten, condenseren, verzamelen, profiteren van, om de tweedehonderd jaar worstelen en stevig vooruitgang te betreden, met de geest van hervorming en innovatie, Zal de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van Qinghai krachtig bevorderen en ernaar streven om uit een hoogwaardig ontwikkelingspad te gaan met Qinghai-kenmerken.

Ontwikkeling is het laatste woord.

Aan het begin van dit jaar hebben de twee sessies van de provincie het "driejaarlijkse plan voor het 14e vijfjarenplan voor de nationale economische en sociale ontwikkeling van de provincie Qinghai", en het "14e vijfjarenplan" en de visie van de visie van Het vijfjarenplan van 2013 De doelblauwdruk, verduidelijkt de leidende ideologie van de economische en sociale ontwikkeling van de provincie Qinghai tijdens de 14e vijf-jarige planperiode, de algemene lay-out, de belangrijkste doelen en belangrijke taken, als gevolg van de visie en geschiedenis van de Provinciale overheid provinciale regeringen, die de komende vijf jaar en zelfs 2035 de richting van de mensen van alle etnische groepen samen zijn. We moeten de richtlijnen, hoofddoelen, belangrijke taken van de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling van de visie-doelen en de "14e vijf-jarige plan" -periode, nauwkeurig vasthouden, begrijpen de strategische idee?n en belangrijke strategie?n van de bouw van nieuwe ontwikkelingspatronen en bevorderen Kwaliteitsontwikkeling. Schrijf in de nieuwe weg een nieuw hoofdstuk in het nieuwe tijdperk van Chinese kenmerken. Met de geest van hervorming en innovatie moeten we de geest van het ideologische en actie oprecht verenigen voor de secretaris-secretaris van XI Jinping. De hervorming en innovatie verdiepen, en verplaatst u de weg naar hoogwaardige ontwikkeling. We moeten de "bevordering van hoogwaardige ontwikkeling" diep begrijpen, de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit is om de duurzame wetenschappelijke ontwikkeling volledig te co?rdineren, zich aan te passen aan deze ontwikkelingsstrategie, die ons vraagt ??om aan problemen na te denken, dingen rond de hoge kwaliteit doen, niet de stakingen doen zijn niet enthousiast om van de hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling van Qinghai hoogwaardige ontwikkeling af te komen.

Het hart heeft een hoge standaard, en het feest kan leven.

We moeten altijd een wind en golven langs de socialistische weg van Chinese kenmerken nemen, dapper zijn, niet te dragen, niet verdragen, niet het grote tijdperk dragen, worstelen, niet in de geest werken, een nieuw bureau, streven Om een ??welverdiende partij te maken, verdiend in de mensen, is er een bijdrage van de geschiedenis, het schrijven van een nieuw hoofdstuk in het nieuwe tijdperk van New Qinghai. (Editor: Chen Jing, Liu Peiran) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

25, Apr 2022
[100 seconden "Hoe te begrijpen hoe dit moet doen, moet iemand een fundamenteel plan hebben?

[100 seconden "Hoe te begrijpen hoe dit moet doen, moet iemand een fundamenteel plan hebben?

Aanbevolen lezen om te voldoen aan de bedrijfscentrische beleidsrichting en serviceconcept, een inheemse en onschuldige nieuwe overheid en zakelijke relatie tot stand brengt, dan kan de afdeling overheid het effectieve pad naar het systeem vinden en de relatie van de overheid optimaliseren en het Bedrijfsomgeving en bevordering van het verstrekken van voorwaarden voor hoogwaardige ontwikkeling van particuliere economie?n. 2021-12-1314: 37 In feite wordt niet erkend dat China’s "Status van de markteconomie" voornamelijk een handige voorwaarde voor de VS en EU is.

Ze kunnen een alternatief land bepalen om de amplitude van China’s antidumping te beoordelen en de druk op Chinese bedrijven en Chinese goederen te versterken. 2021-12-0809: 59 Terugkijkend in honderd jaar, zal de Chinese communistische partij altijd in staat zijn om te proberen tijdens de praktijk van de economische constructie van het leiderschap en actief te reageren op de ontwikkeling van objectieve situatie, de strategische implementatie in de tijd, praktijk aanpassen In de crisis, nieuwe machine, open het harde werk van het nieuwe bureau. 2021-12-0714: 37 In de regio en bilateraal niveau kan China lid worden van het digitale handelsstuk in de RTA-onderhandelingen in uitvoering en bestudeerd worden en streven om het bereik van het onderwerp te bevorderen, of de upgrade is ondertekend, maar heeft niet betrekking op Digitaal handelsstuk. Digitale handelsonderwerpen worden toegevoegd aan de RTA-onderhandelingen.

2021-11-2609: 54 Versnel 5G Base Station Construction and Commercial Pace, verbeteren de constructie van de kruising infrastructuur vertegenwoordigd door het datacenter, het Intelligent Computer Center en leg een solide fysieke basis voor de digitale en intelligente upgrades van traditionele industrie?n. 2021-11-1609: 34 In het "14e vijfjarenplan" moeten we een diep begrip hebben van het versterken van intellectuele eigendombescherming bij het bevorderen van het moderne economische systeem van de bouw, het stimuleren van innovatie, ondersteuning innovatieve nationale constructie en socialistische moderne nationale constructie. Het belang van de betekenis. 2021-11-0509: 32 Vanwege de ontwikkeling van het marxisme is het diep geworteld in de mensen. Voor de mensen, afhankelijk van de mensen, is het de theorie van de mensen, en de identiteit van het volk kan alleen zijn getransformeerd en China heeft de wereld veranderd. Menselijke geschiedenis en leg levendig het theoretische karakter van "Line" uit. 2021-10-2815: 56 Implementatie van een innovatieve rij-ontwikkelingsstrategie, het accelereren van een innovatief land, is een economisch systeem van hoge kwaliteit, een modern economy-systeem. "Innovation Drive" dieper belangrijke vraag is "Drive Innovation"? 2021-10-2609: 43 In het proces van het verplaatsen naar de tweedehonderd jaar strijd, is gemeenschappelijke rijkdom een ??belangrijke strategische doelstelling geworden voor de economische ontwikkeling van mijn land, en ecologische rijke mensen kunnen ook een enorme functie en een rol spelen. Van 2021-10-2109: 34 Vanuit het perspectief van de bouwervaring is de kruising van slimme stedelijke constructie betrokken bij de regering om deel te nemen aan de samenleving, en het multi-hoofdlichaam, gediversifieerde modeltransformatie van gezamenlijke bouwoperaties " Leidraad + Markt Lood + Public Participatie "Het waarde-model is de moeite waard om te verwijzen. 2021-10-1909: 26 Toekomst in de centrale stad en de omliggende stedelijke cirkels, zal de bevolking blijven groeien.

En in de omtrek van de centrale stad zal de bevolking verschijnen. Om aan de trend van re-lay-out te voldoen, zijn deze populatie, het stedelijke en landelijke en regionale ontwikkelingsbeleid vereist om differentiatie uit te voeren. 2021-10-1514: 04 Digitale beschavingconstructie is een systematisch project, dat meerdere-niveau-inhoud van economische, politieke, culturele, mentale, omgeving, en continue optimalisatie van sociale relaties van sociale digitale, een ordentelijke, effici?nte ontwikkeling van alle aspecten zal zijn. Maak handige omstandigheden.

2021-10-1310: 00 Nationale dag, Meng Liangzhou wordt geretourneerd.

Na het ervaren van stormen, bedankte ze de bevolking van het moederland. Ze kreeg diep een sterk moederland. Toen ze het vliegtuig liep, zei ze dat mensen een goede zin hadden: "Er is een rode vlag van vijf sterren is een trouwe vuurtoren. " 2021-10-0909: 24 China gebruikt 9% van gecultiveerd land in de wereld, goed voor bijna 20% van de wereld, en neemt actief deel aan de wereldwijde eliminatie van honger- en voedselhandel, lost niet alleen het voedselprobleem van meer dan niet op 1,4 miljard mensen, maar ook voor de World Food Security maakte een prominente bijdrage.

2021-10-0409: 07 Bevordering van de constructie van het Yellow River National Cultural Park is een strategische startpersoon, taak, systematisch en sterk systeem, en moet goed worden gepland en moeten goed worden gepland.

2021-10-0209: 07 Bekijk het historische proces van hervorming en het openen gedurende meer dan 40 jaar, de Chinese communistische partij heeft altijd in staat geweest om de crisis te draaien als de overdracht en de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen en rijk en waardevol zijn geaccumuleerd Historische ervaring in dit praktijkproces.

2021-09-2614: 57 De American Democratische "transformatie" van de Verenigde Staten voor 20 jaar Afghanistan is slechts een farce van de Amerikaanse zelfgestuurde, "Kabul Time" opnieuw gaf de VS "Universal Value" Pseudo-masker opnieuw op.

2021-09-1509: 18 "Actief uitvoeren, doen niet Wensen", bevorderen de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van meer dan 14 miljard mensen, "China’s regels" -praktijken is het krachtige vertrouwen en de kracht van de wereldvrede en de ontwikkeling, volledig weerspiegelt een Verantwoordelijkheid en verantwoordelijkheid van het grote land zou moeten zijn.

2021-08-3110: 05 China is momenteel overtuigd van de belangrijkste knooppunten van de tweede moderne transformatie in het eerste moderniseringsproces, het is noodzakelijk om te leren van de geavanceerde ervaring van de eerste moderne overgang van ontwikkelde landen en de eerste keer voor de eerste keer. NIEUW Situatie van de tweede moderne transformatie. 2021-08-1614: 42 Governance Corruptie, hechten aan het Partij- en Nationaal Supervisiesysteem, moeten zich houden aan accurate metei, door continu verdieping van hervorming en zuivering politieke ecologie, de macro-politieke kosten van corruptie herstellen, en de "toxines" ge?nduceerde corruptie .

2021-08-1014: 58.

24, Apr 2022
Xinjiang Quality Strong Zone Work Leading Group 2021 Second Meeting

Xinjiang Quality Strong Zone Work Leading Group 2021 Second Meeting

Original title: Promote quality work, the new level 9, Xinjiang Quality Strong District Work Leading Group held the second meeting of the 2021th meeting, in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on the important discussion of quality work, implement the Party Central Committee, State Council decision-making deployment, Implement the party committee and government work arrangements in the Autonomous Region, study the list of the first election enterprises of the 5th Autonomous Region People’s Government Quality Award, arrange the deployment of current and one stage of quality strong area in the future.

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, president of the autonomous region, presided over the meeting and speaking.

The meeting pointed out that we must improve the political station, further enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", improve political judgment, political understanding, political implementation, and fully understand The importance of work, practical, unifying the idea and action to the party central decision-making deployment of Comrade Xi Jinping, unified to the specific requirements of the party committee of the autonomous region, in-depth quality improvement action, solidly promote the construction of quality and strong zone, improve the improvement in practice Quality, quality improvement, quality improvement to meet the demand structure upgrade, to promote high quality development with quality advancement.

The meeting emphasized that the construction of quality strong zone must adhere to the quality of the quality, and give full play to the active role of quality work in economic development, social governance, and people’s livelihood guarantee, and promote quality work. It is necessary to improve the quality of supply, continuously improve product quality, engineering quality, service quality, improve environmental quality; to strengthen standard leadership, in-depth implementation of the National Standardization Development Outline, and carry out the implementation of relevant responsible division of labor; Elementary, standard, certification and recognition, inspection and testing, quality management, etc. Strengthen brand publicity promotion, building regional public brands; to play the role of corporate quality, guide and supervise enterprises to implement subject responsibility, firmly establish "quality first" concept, promote industries to advance high-end levels; to strengthen quality culture construction, publicity Excellent quality management typical, exposed major quality illegal act, create a good market environment, cultivate more quality talents. The meeting requests, to compact work responsibilities, and form the effectiveness of promoting quality strong zone construction.

To strengthen organizational leadership, implement the target tasks of quality and strong zone strategy and quality improvement work, and effectively implement their duties; to strengthen capacity building, timely master quality development latest developments, and do "inner and practices", Strengthen system innovation and mode innovation, promote quality management team innovation capacity building; to do a good job in supervision and assessment, use the foot assessment results, and promote the strategy of quality zone. (Zhang Yunmei) (Editor: Yang Rui, Han Ting) Sharing let more people see.